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For every family or business event, people prefer hiring a function hall that is spacious and offers a beautiful ambiance. When your design structures are exquisite and give eye-catching appeal, your business is bound to grow.

Acme Architectural specialises in designing and creating exquisite function hall structures that are built tough and aesthetically pleasing. This includes pandal, banquet roofing, tensile food court and banquet hall.

Our function hall building plans are prepared in a detailed manner by our designers after considering all business requirements. If you’re looking for erecting temporary lightweight structures with open stretch fabric for events, we can deliver these structures as per your specifications. Gives us your requirement for a promotional canopy and let our creative designers ideate to surprise you with multiple designs. In the ever-evolving architecture industry, tensile structures are now becoming more demanding.

We utilize the latest design software for effectively creating a comprehensive design. Through optimized engineering and assembly control at plant site, we significantly reduce the equipment and labour expenses and ensure that the installation is done within the stipulated timeline. Our products are designed to effectively withstand any weather conditions and can be created in different designs and colours. They are manufactured with high-quality fabric and joined with compressions rings and beams.

Tensileunits manufactured by Acme Architectural consist of weather and rust resistant materials. We use only updated tools in the manufacturing process for speeding up the process and our expert professionals are competent in perfectly handling each tool. Our professional after-sales service team will answer and solve all your queries with a smile.

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