Roof Top Tensile Membrane Structure

A grand rooftop design gives a visually defining appeal to areas which are direct open to the sky. Surely, you would want to give your customers the very best experience. Which is why we are your first choice for the same.

If you’re looking for high-quality rooftop structure and rooftop shade structures, Acme Architectural is truly your one-stop shop. We are the leading manufacturers of exquisite tensile membrane structures and our list of satisfied customers bear testimony to our focus on quality and timely delivery. Our textile fabrics are both printable and flexible, which allows you to work out a variety of creative options and create your own unique style within your budget.

We provide creative solutions in a range of translucencies that allows you to control the amount of sunlight you wish to percolate to the seating area. The tensioning system and the structural fabric of the roof tent are both lights in weight, with impeccable integrity of the structure as far as durability and weather-resistance are concerned. Our experience lies in manufacturing both retractable and openable structures. For ensuring shorter construction time, the fabrication and installation are done with non-traditional materials. In detailing and engineering systems that are most efficient, our team of expert professionals take the lead and deliver the solution as per your exact requirement.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers will closely work with your team to intricately assess in detail, all the task requirements. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and will happily incorporate them in the scheme of things, for ensuring that the final design gets the advantage of combined thoughts. Which is why discerning customers trust Acme Architectural with their requirements.

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