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A grand wedding or a massive exhibition is both a source of extreme joy and good business. When guests come to a wedding where there are spacious tents for entertainment and dining, they feel great. Similarly, when visitors come to an exhibition with huge tents spanning hundreds of square feet, they have all the space they want to walk around and are likely to visit every stall.

For large scale consumer events, big weddings and other massive public gatherings, we provide high quality temporary modern fabric tents, fabric shades, wedding, canopy, and architectural solutions. We also specialize in the manufacture of durable truss, portable cable structures. These are conveniently easy in pre-fabrication, cover large area spans and are fully malleable. We use strong steel cables to stretch the thin canvasses for creating visually appealing tents that add flair to your event.

One of the biggest advantages of our designs is that they are translucent, thereby giving an extremely pleasant and airy feel to the below space. Another advantage of this is that your electricity cost savings on lighting will be significant. We use only the best fabric which significantly reduces the radiant heat transmission from the Sun. Should you desire either front-lighting or back-lighting for enhancing the look, that can also be executed by us.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, the PVC fabric deployed by extinguishes by itself without producing any drips of molten fabric. This is advantageous in effectively preventing loss of precious lives. Our strict adherence to industry standard safety standards makes us the preferred partner of leading event companies, corporates, and institutions which conduct regular gatherings where thousands of people participate. When it comes to high-quality structures with easy and timely installation, Acme Architectural is your first choice.

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