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ACME Engineering skill with fabric manufacturing explores the most unique and inventive design, engineering and manufacturing processes. We provide manufacturing services to tensile fabric used in architecture, temporary structures, exhibition, environmental, etc.

Our extensive network helps in procuring the best and the full range of fabrics and materials sourced from all over the world. We ensure the right fabric is selected and fabricated to very high standards.

The light weight and thus portability of our structures and fabrics makes them handy and ideal for various complexes such as sports complex, exhibitions and perfect for events and other media entertainment functions. Manufacturing serves as one of the specialized areas where we excel for lightweight tensile structures.

Membrane materials range from PTFE Fiberglass, ETFE, PVC-PES, and tensile mesh. Our membranes have a long life span and are fabricated in our ISO 9001 facilities. The maintenance cost is next to nothing..

Light transmission of 15% or more eliminates the need for artificial lighting by filtering in natural daytime lighting. Pneumatic air inflated cushion systems may require periodic inspections.

We adhere to the international building codes.

Premium Support

Our dedicated team of engineers incessantly provides hands-on assistance and immediately responds to any urgent issues of our clients.

With “Delivering the Best Service” at our core, we run the business based on value, customer satisfaction, constant support. .

Professional Specialists

Our engineer’s to provide specific technical expertise for design projects, using innovative engineering skills to ensure seamless integration. Very hands on position, demanding high levels of creativity and flexibility, overall responsible from concept to delivery.

Smart Solutions

Being specialists in the world of Tensile Architecture, Our engineer’s to provide a great collection of multi-use spaces for your needs, with many advantages, such as quality, safety, durability and perfection.

Our Team

We are proud of our team from labour to management.
Our greatest strength is our team spirit

Sayeed. M. Rizwaan

Sayeed. M. Rizwaan

Operation & Execution Manager
Siddiqui Mansoor

Siddiqui Mansoor

Designer & Engineering Consultant

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