Modern Membrane Pergola Structures

When you’re having a great time outdoors, the last thing you want is sunshine on your face and heat on your body. Acme Architecture delights you with state-of-the-art pergola shade structures and canopies for giving you relief from the sun by bringing shade to your outdoor space. We invite you to create heavenly space in the outdoor with our premier quality transparent pergola roofs.

Should there be any government or authority restriction on the construction of a permanent structure, like in gardens or exhibitions, etc. pergolas are the perfect temporary shade covering solution. They are fully mobile and can be opened and closed as per the requirement. When not in use, they can be closed either manually or automatically. They provide instant shade where the public is exposed directly to sunlight. Pergolas can be used as a patio or garden entrance for enhancing the outdoor décor and ambiance.

When the temperature rises, you don’t have to sweat! If you’re planning an outdoor barbeque grill party, let us protect you from the sun by designing and manufacturing creative modern shade solutions. Irrespective of the size of your outdoor space, we will create a cool and soothing breeze for you and your friend. We let you feel the warmth of the sun without it touching you directly.

In the summer heat, you can relax by entertaining your friends and colleagues without caring for the sun. When you build your structure with a solid roof and insulated sides, you can extend your sessions to winter mornings, sipping tea and reading the newspaper. Enjoying the outdoors is now so easy!

Our shade solutions will elegantly cover the pathway and clearly define the walking space. They are fully weather-proof, so if you want to do some bird watching under the sun, you’re most welcome to awesomely enhance your experience of the outdoors.

With proper care and maintenance, our exquisite shade solutions will give you years of super uninterrupted service and also reduce air-conditioning costs, thereby reducing the energy bills.

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