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There are various projects were our tensile structure is utilized such as:

Stadiums and sports parks

ACME Engineers specialize in tensile structures, gaining reputation by building established buildings to custom made designs. From typical applications to inventive attractive creations, all our tension fabric structure is designed to meet our customer’s needs.

Entertainment & Events

We also have proficiency in handling amusement parks, hotels, and building structures for media events etc. Our engineering, tensile fabric structures can be employed for common purposes like building facades, parking structure, canopies, poolside sun umbrellas, walkways, art installation shades, grand entrances, restaurant rooftop dining shades etc.

Retail & commercial

Retail centers like malls, showrooms for international brand names, typically need paneling of tension fabric or façade applications for a modern look. We offer customized designs for unlimited possibilities to enhance malls or business park entryway, outdoor performance space or dining area, or even for interior applications.

Educational & institutional

Tensile structure fabrics for universities, colleges, high school, can be used to shield students from the sun and protect them from monsoon etc. It also lends itself to innovative designs for outdoor sports courts.

Likewise, tension fabric structures and tensile roofs are being applied to institutions like research facilities, hospital, etc.

Parks & recreation

Tension fabric structures can elevate the beauty of any park by applying it to open spaces, parking lots, bench and play areas, etc.

Civic & community

Many local government agencies and community centers need distinctive tensile structures to serve at a gathering place, a welcoming sign to the city, or simply to beautify an ordinary structure.

Premium Support

Our dedicated team of engineers incessantly provides hands-on assistance and immediately responds to any urgent issues of our clients.

With “Delivering the Best Service” at our core, we run the business based on value, customer satisfaction, constant support. .

Professional Specialists

Our engineer’s to provide specific technical expertise for design projects, using innovative engineering skills to ensure seamless integration. Very hands on position, demanding high levels of creativity and flexibility, overall responsible from concept to delivery.

Smart Solutions

Being specialists in the world of Tensile Architecture, Our engineer’s to provide a great collection of multi-use spaces for your needs, with many advantages, such as quality, safety, durability and perfection.

Our Team

We are proud of our team from labour to management.
Our greatest strength is our team spirit

Sayeed. M. Rizwaan

Sayeed. M. Rizwaan

Operation & Execution Manager
Siddiqui Mansoor

Siddiqui Mansoor

Designer & Engineering Consultant

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