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It’s time to enjoy the outdoors without bothering about the sun! From family get-togethers to mesmerizing evenings with friends, you can plan it all with our exciting range of shade sails. So come on with your music systems and let your hair down by grooving to the latest beats in the outdoor! Staying protected from the heat and sun rays is now so much cool.

We want you to relax, play and live as you want, under the protection of our beach and play area shade sails. While fully protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, our solutions are creative in design and robust inbuilt. Whether you want to plan a beach picnic or ensure that your kids are protected on their playground, our designer covering solutions offer you the widest range in colours and fabrics. Whatever you need, we have the perfect solutions.

Our products are not affected by strong winds and there is absolutely no heat build up underneath. We can customize the shade sails to fit any space you want. Be it your barbeque area, outdoor dining area or outer space for afternoon get-togethers, we will deliver the covering solution as per your specific requirement.

Our expert team of designers and engineers will closely work with your team to deeply assess all the task requirements. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and will happily incorporate them in the scheme of things, for ensuring that the final design gets the advantage of combined thoughts. Discerning and quality-conscious customers trust Acme Architectural with their sun protection solutions requirement.

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