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Environmental protection is a leading focus area of industries and plants around the world. Corporations are getting increasingly conscious of keeping the environment clean while conducting their business operations. Biogas storage systems contribute actively to generating renewable energies. Acme Architectural is one of the leading manufacturers of membrane and PVC coated biogas fabrics.

Our high-quality coating solutions are specially created for ensuring that biogas is produced efficiently. We treat our fabrics with chemicals which make it resistant to fire, UV rays, abrasion and rotting. The covering if fully protected against extreme weather conditions by the special PVC formula used. The advantages of our membranes is that they are long lasting and durable, possess more strength, provide the ideal shelter for aerobic fermentation, easy to maintain, 100% recyclable and resistant to gases, sulphide and ammonia. Our membranes are fully welded with high-frequency and allow the lowest possible permeability of gas. They are fully gastight for containing odour and preventing contamination of biogas. The plant operators can safely walk on the surface for performing maintenance.

Our coverings cost almost half as compared to steel gasholders of the same capacity. Through them, you can store more gas in your plants and effectively control the quantity of gas you want to take out. We pride ourselves in delivering a safe, complete and prime quality product. Our skilled and experienced service and installation crew will install the products at your site competently and in minimum time. You can relax without any worries as our expert personnel go about doing their job.

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