Tensile Structure Car Parking

The harsh elements of nature like harsh sun and rain, and also debris, do great damage to your precious car. Surely, this worries you as the cost of maintaining the car goes up, leading to extra expenses. Taking care of your car ensures that it stays looking as good as new for a long time.

With the highest standards of production and finish quality, we are the leading tensile car parking structure manufacturing company in India. Our superior quality tensile car parking shades are the shades of choice for leading commercial and residential projects across the country.

Acme Architectural Systems employs the best professionals and engineers who understand the exact requirements of your specific requirements. If you’re looking for best quality hypercar shades made from the finest material for withstanding extreme weather conditions, rest assured we will offer you the best solutions. Our solutions are designed in such a way that cars can be parked in an instant without any hassle whatsoever.

We use premium quality materials for manufacturing these structures, which ensures durability and long life. Our advantage is the wide range of designs and special lighting provision which enhances the aesthetic look and security/visibility in the night. Available in various colours and different shapes and sizes, our vehicleprotectionPVC membrane shades are coated with PVDF for ensuring strong resistance to weather changes.

If you want to match the colours with your corporate identity, it can be done with ease. We first understand your exact requirements and then accordingly plan the design and manufacturing process. You are assured of the best designs and the best products, with excellent after-sales customer service.

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