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Temporary flexitanks are the perfect solution to non-permanent water storage requirements in construction and allied projects. Ideal for deployment in remote regions, these foldable tanks are portable in nature, making them the ideal low-cost choice for storing water. They are also used for bulk liquid transportation.

Acme Architectural in one of the leading fabric flexitank manufacturer for providing quick and high-quality temporary water storage solutions. Our products take lesser loading and unloading time as compared to barrels. Further, you will require less manpower in loading, unloading and manipulating them, which saves you operation costs. They eliminate the need for deploying derrick or hoist for loading and unloading the container.

We use advanced equipment and technology to reduce the damage to the environment during operations. This is our firm commitment towards achieving a balance of environmental and economic efficiency. For swiftly dealing with any unexpected development during discharge, transit, and loading, our expert response team will be at your disposal.

Constructed using multi-ply polyethylene, our flexitanks are significantly resistant to punctures and abrasions. The seamless construction of our products ensures the highest level of hygiene. For successfully withstanding hostile environmental conditions, we use only highly absorbent and maximum stretchable material. Our products deliver maximum payload release minimum residue on discharge.

Our specially trained installation will set up the products in minimum time, while you relax and focus on your business. Our motto is the complete satisfaction of our customers on all parameters. We firmly believe that will be possible only when your business grows. 

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